Secrets of Undercover Narcotics

For retired Senior Criminal Investigator Marty Scott, being a part of law enforcement is more than just arresting criminals. It’s about second chances.

Growing up, Scott was given a second chance by a police officer when he was caught attempting to steal tires from a salvage yard.

“That was a break I got,” said Marty Scott, retired Senior Criminal Investigator, referring to his run in with the police as a youth.

Over the course of Scott’s 5 ½ year career in narcotics he arrested hundreds of criminals across Ohio, but he also let a lot of them go.

“The people that I cut loose I felt they were worth saving, because it always went back to when I went over that fence for them tires… I looked right at that big badge, and he cut me loose,” said Scott.

There were many instances where Scott gave people a second chance.

One of these came when Scott picked up hitchhikers on his way back from a case he worked in Miami, Ohio.

The hitchhikers attempted to sell Scott drugs.

After getting the necessary information he needed to stop the whole operation, he told them he was a part of law enforcement.

Scott asked the hitchhikers to throw out all the drugs they had, and proceeded to let them out with no punishment.

“I said, ‘Start hitchhiking, you’ve had the break of your life’… I got another agent. I didn’t get to go home. We turned around and went clean back to Miami, Ohio and busted them… I did them [the hitchhikers] a favor I believe,” said Scott.

Scott found himself giving second chances, like the one he was given growing up in that salvage yard.

Scott resides in Zanesville with his wife of 58 years, where he is currently recovering from knee replacement surgery.